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My latest box of inventory arrived in Wales yesterday morning.  Lynis had most of it sold with orders for more by late afternoon.  They loved the Walker Bages and bought both sizes.

I am enjoying my Walker bag.  The SOTM project and instructions fit in the largest pocket.  Fibers are in the middle pocket and tools are in the third pocket.  Seems to be less digging through the tote.





My friend Pamela & I took a field trip to a highly recommended frame shop in Pasadena, CA.  I took my Buddha by Lani to be framed.  He deserves an appropriate frame.  We were not disappointed.  Nan, one of the two owners of New Creation Picture Framing, is very gifted.  She showed me multiple possibilities.  I chose to cover Buddha with Museum Glass.  It will be my first piece under glass.  The UV rays in the desert have faded several of my pieces over the years.  There was a Christmas needlepoint piece on display which had a lot of beads.  You couldn't tell it was under Museum Glass until you  touched it.  I can hardly wait to post my completed piece.  Nan said she could work by phone in the future and with a budget (I should have set one).   I'm anxious to start another piece that will need a frame. Check out the framed needlework pieces on their web site.

As if I hadn't spent enough money, we continued on to Stitches in Time in San Marino.  It was our first visit to a needlepoint store since January.  It's a delightful store with a good selection of fibers & canvases.  They were having a Melissa Shirley trunk show.  They have an adjoining gift shop.


TOOL TIP:  To remove the bumps from Neon Rays, you can use a Mini Ceramic Straightner from Conair.  These are available from Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99 and probably anywhere Conair products are sold.  I think this tip came via Robin's Study Hall.  Lynis, in Wales, now has a video cam.  She demonstrated this for me.

Just received my copies of Ruth Schmuff's book  "Stitches" Volume One & Two.  This is the book version of her Stitches CD.  Each volume contains 300+ stitches.  The book is soft cover, sprial bound, 9 x 11".  There is one stitch per page.  The grafts are lagre and easy to read.  There is no text.  Volume one is 335 pages!

Information about ordering this book can be obtained from


I have a video Cam and Skype.  If you want to see an item or have a question,  the address is  Evenings (PST) and weekends are the best time to reach me.



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