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A companion product from the Quilt Dot Company.  As shown, it's a scissor fob with a magnet picturing a quilt design.  All these designs are by the same artist whose name I'll will have to research.    The key chain can be removed & replaced with a larger chain so it can be worn as a necklace.  Do not wear this porduct as a necklace if you have a pacemaker. This could also be used as a bag tag. The dot can also be removed and used as a magnet.  It is not recomemded for canvas as the back of the magnet is dart & might come off on the canvas.  I suspect is could be sealed with clear nail polish.  You would need an opposing magnet.  These magnets are not interchangeable with the needlenanny Quilt Dots. Please let me close my eyes & select one for you.
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